Kerala Backwaters

The peaceful and picturesque palm-lined network of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals that run inland from the coast of Kerala, form the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Kerala is famed for its backwaters and are traditionally used by the locals for transport, fishing and agriculture. The lush green landscapes with diverse wildlife, make the journey along these waterways seem like a journey through another world. Kerala’s backwaters make up nearly half of the state.

From the backwaters of Alleppey to those of Kasaragod to the backwaters of Cochin and more, there are many options on the list to choose from. Let’s sneak a peek at some of the best backwater destinations of Kerala.

Alleppey Backwaters
The Venice of the East, Alleppey, tops the list when it comes to backwaters of Kerala. It’s a beautiful sight to look at with its serene and scenic backwaters and number of houseboats sailing over it. These houseboats provide an excellent opportunity to experience the charm of Kerala in every aspect. The place also holds various boat races during the harvesting season. Alleppey backwaters remain the favourite destination for tourists who are keen on exploring the backwaters of India.

Kumarakom Backwaters
Kumarakom Backwaters is a tourist paradise that looks more like a cluster of little isles. Located on the banks of the famous Vembanad Lake, backwater cruising of Kumarakom is a beautiful experience all together. The multi coloured birds and luscious freshwater fishes along with blooming blossoms are couple of distinct faces of environment that you would enjoy here.

Kozhikode Backwaters
Also famous as Vasco Da Gama, the Kozhikode Backwaters leave visitors to cherish the memories here for a lifetime. Catching a ride on the Kozhikode Houseboats is the best way of experiencing the beauty of the backwaters. One can witness some spectacular scenery around the Kallai River and Canoli canals.

Backwater Stretches of Ashtamundi
Believed to be the second largest deepest wetland ecosystem, the backwater stretches of Ashtamundi greets you with coconut groves and palm trees scattered among the villages. One of the familiar sights here is that of the Chinese Fishing Nets, also called “cheena vala”, which seemed to be absorbed in a daylong meditation.

Kochi Backwaters
Home to various attractions, Kochi is much famed for its backwaters. On a backwater cruise here, the sights of Chinese fishing nets will greet your eyes. On your way, you can also watch the cargo ships and passenger ships pass by.

Kavvayi Backwater at Payyanur
Another backwater stretch of Kerala is the Kavvayi Backwaters at Payyanur which has its own attractions. Also known as the backwater of Kavvayi, this place is a heaven for peace seekers. It is the result of the coming together of five rivers, River Kavvayi and its tributary streams, Kankol, Vannathichal, Kuppithodu, and Kuniyan. While enjoying a houseboat cruise on these backwaters, you will come across an interesting sight in the form of half a dozen small and big islands.

Kottayam Backwaters
Kottayam is one of the most exotic destinations of Kerala, surrounded by the majestic Western Ghats on its eastern side and the exotic Vembanad Lake and the paddy fields of Kuttanad on the Western side. The place is also blessed with wonderful backwater stretches, verdant paddy fields, and extensive rubber plantations that make it a leisure destination.

Kasaragod Backwaters
The northernmost district of Kerala, Kasaragod is famous as the land of seven languages and seven cultures. The visual beauty of Chandragiri River will take you away from the chaotic city life. The boat cruise takes you on an enchanting ride with sights of the Bekal fort that never fails to mesmerize. If you are a fan of beach destination, then Pallikere and Kappil Beach are a must visit destination for you.

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